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Zeny is one of the most used currencies in Ragnarok Mobile Eternal Love. This is nonpremium currency for those that play the game as it is, and without using the p2w aspect of the game. However, the game mostly used this Zeny for almost everything, for example, upgrading, buying materials, and many more. This is why it is very important to get as much as you can. Now, previously Roonby has covered some of the best money-making guides for beginners and hasn’t updated that for a long time. This is why today we will give you the advance zeny guide.

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1. Finish The Instant Quest Rift with All your 3 char

Rift is one of the best way to gain mats, These mats can then be sold for more zeny in the game, and depending on the market price you can get 30k – 1m Zeny/1day.

Note: Check your market price first to see what is the highest price currently.

2. Always attend to UFO Cat or Battle of Kafra event for Mats


The UFO Cat/Battle of Kafra Item is a server event that are appointed on Wednesday (CN Server) to all of their players. Players will be able to join the event by going into the respective maps to get the quest.

Interestingly enough for the UFO Cat event, you don’t need to move your character and will only need to stay near the battle in the game because the drop is auto assign by the game automatically to nearby players. So there won’t be any need to lose your Stamina for attack. You can get Flora Star Coin, Lemegeton Fur, Red Ribbon, Lemegetton tears, Cat Grass and many more.

For the Battle of Kafra Item, You will however need to attack the MVP or else you won’t be able to get any coins or costume from it.

You can always check the schedule for the event from an NPC:

  • Battle of Kafra: NPC Near South Gate Entrance
  • UFO Cats: NPC Near West Gate Entrance

Note: You can use Flora Coins to exchange with other mats like Fur, Ribbon, Tears or Grass and sell it for the highest price in your server.

3. Complete Gingerbread/Juno City Daily Box Quest for Blueprint

Gingerbread has 3 Map that you can choose to complete. In total of 6 quests, you can however only choose 3 Quest to complete. Personally, we recommend that you pick the less time consuming quest that will not use any time at all. However, to do that you might want to try out what is the best quest for you.  Completing the quest will give you Random Box rewards from the NPC.

Juno City quest NPC is located on the Bottom of Juno City as you can see in the image below. Note, you can easily find out where the quest giver is by opening the Map > Setting > All quest.

Each Random Box is going to give you the chance to obtains blueprints that are worth a lot of zeny. According to your market price, one blueprint might cost around 10m zeny.

There you have it, some of the best advance Ragnarok Mobile Zeny tips. You won’t need a lot of time to finish the quest, especially since you only need to do some thing only, and since you can go AFK while playing the game in some of these tips, you might want to do that almost everyday!


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Ragnarok Mobile is free to play Ragnarok game that is available for both Android and iOS!

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