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Arrow War is a really fun and casual game, where player will play as a tower defender trying to defend their tower. Interestingly enough, despite it being an Idlegame, there are so many things that you need to manage while playing the game, which is why today we will give you guys some of the best Arrow War tips for beginner to help you play easily.


It is easier to grind the level and play the game if you use Emulator. LDPlayer is our choice because of how lightweight it is!

1. Daily Quest is pretty important!

Most of you might already know this, but finishing daily quest is really important, not only for the weekly quest and monthly quest, but it can add to your level to let you claim more bonus. Thankfully the Daily quest will be accumulated and won’t matter even if you didn’t login in day 1.

2. Evolution > Level

In this game, there are bunch of different types of arrow, void, magic, tech, and many other. For me personally. I prefer to evolve and focus on 1 arrow at a time that is include in your main archer. This is because the archer has more damage, and more fire rate than your minion archer in the game.

3. Debuff, Slow, and Wall!

Each arrow has their own skill set, and of course each skill has their own advantages and disadvantages. For me that mainly focus on 1 arrow to deal damage, debuff, slow and wall are really important to hinder the enemies advancement in the game.

4. Piranha!

Piranha is one of the most OP skill in the game. Not only will it stays forever in the game at the cost of 1 mana. It can also be renewed more and more in the game. Making it one of the best skill in the game.

5. Hidden tower

This is a reminder for the writer personally to not be dumb, but if you aren’t as sharp and attentive as i do, then you will definitely miss this tower. The tower is located in Hell Tower that is unlocked after you reach certain level, and then you will be able to challenge yourself, climbing the tower one by one, by using Energy. Interestingly enough, the reward is pretty good!

There are other tips that we can give you in the next article, so stay tune for more Arrow Wars Game Tips and tricks!

Arrow War is a free-to-play mobile idle tower defense game that are fun to play! It is one of the best casual games that the writer are currently playing. The game is so much fun with tons of different variable that you can utilize to maximize your tower defense system.

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