Mobile Legends, is probably one of the most popular MOBA games in Android and iOS. However, recently it seems like the big MOBA games is afraid of losing it shine, because after the released of League of Legends in Europe, Moonton finally decides to released a survey for those that plays both games.

On the image above, which is on Indonesian said that Mobile Legends is looking for players that had played League of Legends: Wild Rift for a long time, and they invite those players to answer a survey online. Those that had answer had the chance to be invited on an Interview online by Moonton and be given a rewards such as diamonds for those that participated.

Of course, it is not surprising, since the popularity of League of Legends Wild Rift is up because of its recent newest Europe server released. Both games had a past before, because of Plagiarism that made Moonton pay fines for Riot the company that made League of Legends.

Regardless, The game both has similar aspect and gameplay, and Moonton decides to openly progress with how they see League of Legends Wild Rift as their competitors and wanted a feedback on how they can improve as a game from their players input.

As long as it is not a plagiarism much like the previous problem, it should not be a problem.

Mobile Legends and League of Legends Wild Rift is a free to play MOBA Games that you can play on Android and iOS. Both is a 5v5 competitive game, where players will fight against a team of enemies trying to destroy their base. Both games are really popular, with tons of different heroes to choose from.

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