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After a long wait, Finally Mobile legends is going to give us the fans favorite Fashion Expert Harith Skins. Interestingly Enough, This new skins is going to be given to their players for free by completing a series of task in the game.

Fashion Expert is one of the long awaited skin in Mobile Legends, because this skins is known back in 2019. This skin had been teased by bunch of different Mobile Legends leakers that they are going to be released as a starlight skin, or even a collector skin back in the day.

It is not surprising since this skin is really good to look at, and it changes almost all of Harith design into another one. This skin is released by Mobile Legends Moonton as part of 515 Event that comes yearly in Mobile Legends.

To Get this skins, player might need to finish bunch of different assignments to get a token that you can exchange with the skin.

515 Event unite is a yearly event, where there is going to be bunch of different content that are going to be released in the event. Some of which are the K’Group skins that might be released at the same time.

Sadly, This new Harith skins is only released in Mobile Legends Advance server, and there isn’t any notice that they are going to be released on the Original server for free. But based on bunch of differents leakers that leaks this skin, that the skins will also be free in Original Server.

This is why, if you are interested in this skin, definitely login on the day of the event. So stay tune on our channel to get the news!

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