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Mobile Legends recently changes a lot of their game with new contents. One of the most successful content that are added in the game are the Bane Revamp that successfully changes his role from unused troll to mage fighter that can burst any Mobile legends marksman in the late game. And currently there are so many people that are waiting for revamp to their favorite old character, and Moonton finally answer with leaks that they are going to revamp Vexana and Faramis in Mobile Legends.

Both Faramis and Vexana are one of the troll pick in Mobile Legends. Faramis has the abilities to be annoying with his combos to deal massive damage to the enemies tower and be a troll. WHile Vexana currently is not really useful at all. Most people that uses or main them, are said to be trolling the game, which is not suprising, since their ability is not that good in the current META.

There are many viable pick than both hero in the game, and more OP and interesting hero in the game that are being released each month. Take Gloo, and Beatrix that has already dominated the game currently. Hopefully with this revamp that are going to be released by Moonton, Faramis and Vexana could be as popular as Bane in Ranked Match with his burst damage.

Sadly, currently there are no news regarding when the revamp is going to be released on advance server. So it might be this month, next month, or it might be next year if Moonton is lazy on the updates. Regardless, this is going to be one of the long awaited revamp in Mobile Legends. Since Vexana has already been one of the most interesting Mobile Legends hero in that has a lot of potential.

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