Mobile Legends is undergoing some changes, from tons of different content updates, to different heroes with good back story. The next hero that are going to be released is Gloo that is coming soon in Mobile Legends original server, and Phoevus that are still tested in the advance server. Players have been wondering, when they are going to get another Assassins hero, since it has been a long time for the role to get another recruit. Well, at least until today, because recently it is known that Moonton is going to released Gussion Brother.

Sadly, there are currently no information regarding this new hero except a little back story that makes him more mysterious. It is said that this hero really loves his family. He is the type of hero that looks really cold in the outside, but have a really warm heart. Not only that, it is also stated that he loves his brother so much. Which makes him has a brother complex (Kinda).

If we see his overall design, he might go with the assassins role, based on his weapons which is dagger like. It is not surprising since Gussion is known to be from the linage of Dagger users, and his brother that loves him very much follow his steps to be an assassins.

Currently, there aren’t any information regarding the released date, abilities and so on. Players that are interested in finding out this hero should stay tune to our website, because we will give you guys the updated information on Mobile Legends Moonton daily.

Mobile Legends is a free to play MOBA Game that you can play for free in Android and iOS! It is a MOBA 5v5 Game, where players will battle their team strategy, and skills to win the game.

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