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Finally, after a really long delay, we could finally use the OP revamp of our favorite little fighter Argus. Argus is one of the most underrated Fighter in Mobile Legends, and recently the hero finally got a HUGE Buff by Moonton and might be one of the best Fighter in the game much like Bane in the recent Patch Updates.

Bunch of his skills will get balance that will increase his usefulness in the game. His first skill won’t need to hit the target to get the second phase where he can freely swipe wherever he wanted. His second skill now has the ability to deal damage per second each time his enemies run away from him. The more they run, the more damage they got, of course while slowing them. And lastly his Ultimate is still the same.

Although the changes will only affect his first and second skill, this changes will honestly balance him in the game. Argus is really hard to use because he can’t really chase any of his enemies by using his skill. His damage is very decent, and he could kill almost all enemies, but that won’t work if he doesn’t have any mobilities.

Aside from that, when using his ultimate, Most Players tends to run away from him, inhibiting him from using his massive lifesteal abilities. Which is why, this balance that can be used to chase and hinder his enemies movement is really good to this hero.

Argus Mobile Legends will be coming on Mobile Legends Original Server on 16 March 2021!

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