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A few weeks ago, NetEase announced on a few news outlet in China that they are making a new mobile game for their Chinese Market. The game is called Mission Zero, and it is said to be one of the most interesting 2v4 game of spy and cops game in the market.

Not to be confuse with their previous game, Murderous pursuit that follows a game of spy, Mission Zero is a game where players will be able to choose 2 faction, Mobius and Sirius (A different name for Cops and Spy).

Mobius will need to find and take down Sirius Faction players, while Sirius will need to infiltrate, find information, and retreat safely. Players will be able to use bunch of different tools to help in their jobs, Sirius can use disguises, hologram, traps, and many more.

The development of the game will consist of veteran devs that worked on AAA games including Assassin’s Creed, and Splinter Cell. Aside from that NetEase also said that Mission Zero is going to be fair and competitive, with zero pay to win elements.

So, what do you think about Mission Zero by NetEase?

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