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Back in October 2020, Drecom CO purchased the right for Wizardy IP game. This is interesting because recently they had announced a new trailer for Wizardry VA. The new mobile game of the Wizardry series for android and iOS. The game is set to be released on 2022, although the date is not yet set.

The trailer above provides a little gameplay on the mobile game next. Much like any other Wizardry series game, players will progress through dungeon, collect bunch of different items and equipment and then travel from one place to another.

Drecom Co also said that players will need to be very careful because they had implemented a permadeath system, which means that all of the progress that you had done will be erased when you die. This makes it really hard for some players that are new to the game. Aside from that, it is also said that they are going to make this game unfair for their players but not to the point of unbeatable.

Hopefully this game won’t be as hard as souls like game. Well, Wizardry VA is currently on development for Android and iOS.

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