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Much like any other game, each month Moonton is going to be releasing bunch of different content to their game. This includes bunch of different patch fix, and of course more heroes and skins for their players. Skins in Mobile Legends are divided in different ranks, and each month, depending on the rarity, Mobile Legends will be releasing this skins for bunch of different players. Next Month which is the May 2021, Moonton will be releasing a new collector skins to our dragonball fighter Yu Zhong!

Yu Zhong newest collector skins is going to be called Blood Serpent. It is going to change the usual purple and black like skins, to be blood red, where layers will be able to kill their enemies with a cool new look. Interestingly enough this skin will also change Yu Zhong Dragon look into a different dragon, much like a serpent rather than a dragon.

Much like any other collector skins, Blood Serpent will also be changing its skill effect into a really cool one. The Blood Red effect looks really good with this skins, and players will be able to kill with style.

Yu Zhong Blood Serpent is going to come to Mobile Legends in May 2021, so save your money now!

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