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Mobile Legends recently release a new songs on their game. It is said that the song is made by Moonton for their 515 Unite yearly event. Aside from the song, there are a new Music Group made by Moonton that are covering the song called S.T.U.N, with it comes some new awesome skins for the group of heroes.

STUN members are Selena, Chou, and Broddy, each witht their own sets of talents. Selena as their lead singer and dancer, Chou as their rapper and dancer, and Lastly Broddy that looks a lot like a dj. For those that are waiting for the skins, We have found out a leak on Chou STUN release date on Mobile Legends original Server.

One of the leakers in Mobile Legends recently released a new post regarding this skins release date. Players that are interested in Chou STUN Skins can bought them on 27 April 2021. The skins will be changing his skill effect, and his animation as you can see in the video below.

Again this skin can be bought at 27 April in Mobile Legends Original Server, Players that are interested in this skin should definitely save up. Personally i think this skin has a higher quality than their HERO tag skins. But what do you guys think?

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