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Ragnarok Mobile Eternal Love is probably one of the most popular game in the world. Recently it is known that the game has updated bunch of different contents in their recent updates. Each month, Ragnarok Mobile is going to be releasing a new event for their players, and one of the upcoming event that players will get are the Sakura Paper Event that is going to be released soon in the server.

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Attack on Sakura Fairy Paper Event (8 – 15 April)

  • Quest: Hunt Event MOB at South Gate

    • South Gate will spawn a total of 4 Event Mobs, it has 60s spawn rate after kill, Stamina will affect the drop rate, Max 2 Box per day!
  • Once you open the box, there is going to be bunch of different items that you can get:

    • Random MVP Material Box
    • Gold Medal
    • Praying Card Pack
    • Fantasy Sakura
      • Chance to get Magic Pattern Paper Card

Note: Collect 4 Fantasy Sakura and exchange it for the event Head Gear in Prontera. (Only 1 per account).

Because this event is going to be on for 7 days, there are going to be Fantasy Sakura leftovers, so you could sell it in the exchange for more zeny.

Ragnarok Mobile Eternal Love is free to play ragnarok mobile game that you can play on Android and iOS. The game is fun to play, and it got a really good nostalgic feel to it. For those that plays the PC MMORPG version. This game is a fun way to get nostalgic.

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