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Moonton recently release a new content for their Mobile Legends players. This new content is accessible in Mobile Legends advance server. One of the newest content in Mobile Legends are the recall animation in Mobile Legends, Players will now be able to see a different animation for each Mobile Legends heroes, aside from them standing still when recalling.

As you can see in the post above, there are 4 heroes that will be getting a new recall animation in Mobile Legends. Gloo, Beatrix, Phoevus and Lastly Bane in Mobile Legends. Interestingly enough, This recall animation is released previously by Moonton only for selected skins in Mobile Legends. For example, Legends skins that changes every thing about a hero in Mobile Legends aside from their skill.

This is interesting, since Mobile Legends is releasing this new feature after League of Legends release their mobile MOBA game, Wild Rift. Wild Rift themselves had implemented recall animation for each of their heroes in their game, and it is not surprising that their rival Moonton decides to implement this new recall animation for each of their non skinned hero to compete with them. Previously Moonton is reportedly trying to interview Wild Rift players to increase their game performance.

But what do you think about how Mobile Legends is using this recall animation to attract new and old players to play their game more? Is this acceptable or is it wrong for Moonton to do this?

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