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Recently it is known that Moonton is releasing a new Boots in Mobile Legends, and we thought that it is inspired by League of Legends wild rift, but it seems like that is not the case, because recently there are 2 new Boots that are much different from Wild Rift and there are many skill that can be utilized by using this new feature.

Roamer and Jungler Boots Mobile Legends

The 2 new boots of Mobile legends is called Roamer and Hunter Boots. Roamer Boots is a lot similar to mask, and this update might delete the mask effect overall, while Jungler boots might be exchange with Jungler blade.

Each of the boots can be bought depending on the hero that uses it, but Jungler might need Retribution to buy it. Regardless this boots is a good addition for both role in Mobile Legends.

There are 3 types of Hunter Boots, which are:

  • Ice Retribution: That can be used to take their movement speed, meaning that you could slow them down while increasing your speed
  • Flame Retribution: That can be used to take their attack and magic power, meaning that you can make them weaker while increasing your damage
  • Bloody Retribution: That can be used to heal your HP equals to 10% of Max HP from your target for 3s. Meaning that you can heal while reducing the enemies health by 10%

There are 4 types of Roamer boots that are intended to help their allies. This is the good version of Mask that don’t need any equipments slot, which are:

  • Conceal (Active): Act the same as shadow mask but you can also mask your nearby allies hero and increase their movement speed
  • Encourage (Active): Increase the nearby allies damage, their movement speed and attack speed for 5s
  • Favor (Passive): If used by healer, restore 250 – 1000 HP to the nearby low health allies, have 15s cd
  • Dire Hit (Passive): Every 30s the next tim you get enemy drop below 30% deal magic damage equal to 5-20% of target max HP.

There are 2 active and passive that increase with level for every situation. Depending on what you need, your allies can overturn anything in Mobile Legends with this boots.

What do you guys think about this update?

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