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Ragnarok Mobile Eternal Love has always been a fans favorite. The game has always been very fun to play, but it gets repetitive in time, Especially when you are grinding for the game. Which is why it is not surprising if there are many players that use script to play the game. If you are one of those people then good for you, but you might want to stop a little while, because recently it is found out that Ragnarok Mobile devs is going to banned you for using this script.

This updates comes from Ragnarok Mobile community where there had been a case for ID and account being banned because of using script. In the translated version of the image above, It is said that, the players that are being banned are monopolizing the MvP and mini mats by hunting them using script. This hinder the other players enjoyment to play the game, and thus Ragnarok Mobile devs are trying to fix it.

Ragnarok Mobile hasn’t said anything about the grinding or farming script that are usually used by their players, but it might be best to stay low  or remove the script for a while.

Aside from Ragnarok Mobile Eternal Love, players can find other ragnarok game like Ragnarok Origin that are practically the same with Ragnarok Mobile Eternal Love. The game although hasn’t been officially released globally, has already had another team working on its english version called Land of Rom. If you are interested check out this link here!

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