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Ragnarok Mobile 2.0 added some new changes to their players and gameplay. With the recent updates there are many players that are trying to find out what are the best option for them to increase their damage and power. One of the feature that are introduced in Ragnarok Mobile 2.0 Updates are the Ancient Relic System.

What are the Ancient Relic System?

It is another set of accessory slot that are craftable and can increase your character skill and abilities overall.

How to unlock Ancient Relic?

  • Reach Base level 140
  • Speak to Ancient Relic NPC in Prontera and that is it

Ancient Relic and What you need to know?

There are many ways to utilize your ancient relics, however here are what you will need to know to maximize the usage in the long term.

  • Relic Shop

    You can use Purple Dust (Svartalf Normal Dust) to be exchanged with Relic Shard and Upgrade the relic with it.
    You can also buy Relic Shard, Although it has weekly limit, and combine them to make and craft Ancient Relic Equipment

  • Combine Anciet Relic

    Use your previous ancient relic and then combine them to make a whole new equipment

  • Remolding Ancient Relic

    You can spend purple and yellow dust to upgrade your Blue/Purple Ancient Relic Status and upgrade them, Although this can result in decreasing your ancient relic start.Yellow Dust however will give you more chance to increase your stats, and Note that Purple ancient Relic have powerful ability that can be unlocked once you had upgrade all your stats

  • Recycle Ancient Relic

    You can recycle your Ancient Relic for Purple Dust that can be used to further upgrade your relic.

  • Ancient Relic trade

    Did you know that you can trade 5x purple ancient relic shard for 1 ultimate ancient relic shards? And also Ultimate Ancient Relic Shard can give random purple relic shards. This is pretty useful for those that are trying to find an Ancient Relic that suits their character play style.

There you have it, a little advance / beginner guide for ancient relic. Hopefully this will help you in some way, if you got something to ask, feel free to comment below and we will do our best to help you guys out!

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