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For novel reader, Legendary Moonlight Sculptor might be one of the best VRMMO novel in the work. The novel is the pioneer of all VRMMO novel game that are available currently, and if you are a fans, then you will definitely know that Kakao Games has been releasing the game on Mobile. The MMO game is currently pre-registering their game on Google play and you could register it now for free!

The game follow the story of the VRMMO, where you will find some of the familiar character in the web novel in the game. Players are free to do anything that you want, from sculpting, grinding, crafting and many more in this new MMO game. You can change your jobs, and it is said that there are many hidden quest that you could explore in the game much like the original novel.

If you are interested in the game, do pre-register it now on Google play, or try the Korean version that are available in many online app store!

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