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Mobile legends has been releasing bunch of different updates in their game, but what people have been waiting for is the hero update that are coming soon to the game. There are many people that have been wondering when Phoevus, the anti blink hero is coming to Mobile Legends, and thankfully roonby had found the answer.

Recently, on the newest Mobile Legends leakers, we have found out that the newest anti blink fighter is coming to Mobile Legends original server in 11 May 2021.

Phoevus is the newest Mobile legends fighter that has the ability to teleport to hero that had use any blink or charge action. So hero like gussion, fanny, and even matilda will have a hard time in the next updates when dealing with Phoevus. Not only that, he has a big damage with Physical and Magical damage.

Personally i have found Phoevus to be the counter pick hero because of his ability, he is a situational hero that needed to be use to make other hero useless mainly because of his ultimate that needed the enemies to run away. Of course, players that uses blink can also be targeted, but if they don’t use any flicker or blink spell, Phoevus will be useless in the game.

But he is a very fun hero to play with and if you love a unique hero, this might be your choice!

Mobile Legends is a free to play Mobile MOBA game on Android and iOS!

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