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For those that are the fans of Apex Legends but you didn’t have desktop or laptop that match specification for the game then you don’t need to worry. Because recently the games that are said to exclusively released on PC, PS4 and Xbox will finally come to Mobile in the game called Apex Legends Mobile. This new is officially released by Respawn Entertainment, and they had released some information for their players and fans that are waiting for the mobile version.

Chad Grenier as the Game Director of Apex Legends had released some of the deatils and information about the new Apex Legends Mobile.

When will Apex Legends Mobile be released on the android and iOS.

Currently there are no set date yet, but Grenier had said that they are going to be releasing the regional beta test to a few of the country this month. India and Philipines are some of the country that will get the regional beta test, but they said that they are going to be releasing the Apex Legends Mobile globally.

Regional Beta test will only be available for android, while iOS users might need to wait for a little while. Players that are interested will be able to pre-register it when it comes out.

Will it support Cross play?

No, Apex Legends Mobile won’t feature cross play for PC and Console. This is because Respawn specifically design this game for the Mobile devices. Event Crossplay with Nintendo switch that practically has the same control as Mobile users won’t be featured in this new Mobile console.

Free2play or pay2play?

Respawn will be releaseing the Apex Legends Mobile with the same bisnis model as the PC and Console version which is Free to Play, however there are going to be in game cosmetic and battle pass that could increase their funds to develop the game. So if you love this game, support by buying your favorite skins in the game.

For those that are interested in the game, Apex Legends Mobile will be released and worked by Respawn entertainment, however they are open to collaborate with other team outside of Respawn to make the game better. The game is set to be released on Android and iOS! So stay tune for more update!

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