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Mobile Legends is said to collab with one of the most interesting movie in the whole universe Star Wars. The collaboration will be releasing bunch of different contents to their players, and one of those are the character of the Sci fi movie in the game. For those that are waiting for this collabs, and when they are going to release the skins, worry no more, because Roonby had found out the release date for the skins.

This leaks comes from Instagram Mobile Legends Leakers, Dafrixkun that said Both Argus Darth Vader Skins, and Cyclops Yoda skins is going to come to Mobile Legends on 22 May 2021. This skins is going to change both hero into the character of the star wars movie. It is not suprising to see Darth Vader in Argus skin since they both have the dark tendency and their story is practically similar to one another, but for Cyclops to be Yoda, it might be a little bit suprising.

Sadly we didn’t know yet if this leaks is true or not, since Mobile Legends themselves haven’t said anything yet. There hasn’t been any information regarding the skins details, animation and effect in the game, but there have already been some leaks regarding the back ground image and sounds.

If you are interested in this skins, we suggest that you wait for Mobile Legends official announcement, and save your money from now on because it is going to be expensive.

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