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PUBG Mobile one of the best mobile battle royale game recently celebrating earth day. With this event, there are going to be bunch of different rewards for their players that participated. This event will take place today until May 5th.

The Limited time event will take place in the map Karakin. It is called Karakin Oasis, and players will be task to collect blueprints to build an in game green power facilities. PUBG will then calculated the amount of blueprint that had been collected at the end of the event and will give players variety of permanent rewards. Items such as Homeland Parachute, Homeland Backpack, Pitch Master Helmet, and bunch of different Earth Day Props will be available for the players.

This is not the first time PUBG Mobile had used its huge audience to raise the awareness for the earth. Previously, PUBG Mobile had made an event called #Fight4theplanet and #Fight4theamazon to help protect the environtment.

PUBG Mobile is a Free battle royale game on App Store and Google play.

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