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Pandemic Covid19 had been going around for a while now. For those that had been working from home, the needs for social interaction might be very high now. If you are the sims character, you will constantly sing praise to your players to let you talk with another friends. For those that are trying to find a way to relieve your boredom and upping your social needs, then we have a fun way to set your online meeting in a little online video conference apps called Gather Town.

Gather Town is an online meeting app, that can make your online meeting fun. This app is can be used like a game, where players can also make their own virtual character to play with your Meeting friends. Players can set a meeting of 25 people for free and make their own set of town to play with. This way, you will not only be able to meet them by using a built in video call on the app, but also play around with the built in games in the apps.

For those that are interested in the app, you can immediately use this app in their official website without downloading any of it. Players can access the site and play it by using your browser. The recommended browser to play Gather Town is Chrome and Firefox. There are also a desktop app, however it is still in BETA test, and there might be a little bit of bug when you play around with it.

Gather town can be used for free, but you can only invite 25 people, because more than that might need you to pay a little bit of your money, at least 1$ per person depending on the plan that you use.

Gather Town official website!

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