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Although it is not yet announced, there had been many players that have found a link to the identity V x Death Note pre-registration site. The Site stated that players that are interested in getting 2 free crossover essence to get the chance for Death Note items or skins in the game.

The event description stated that you will need to share and input your in game id to get the free crossover essence. Share it to 3 of the available link from Line, Twitter, and Facebook to get another free crossover essence. The essence will be given to their players after the Identity X Death note eent is available.

The official link can be accessed by using this link!

Note: For those that are wondering if the link is fake, the pre-registration event is available on 26 April – 26 May as stated on the image above.

Identity V is a free to play Horror asymetris game, where players will play the role of Hunter and Survivor. Hunter will need to prevent survivor from leaving the game, while survivor will need to run away by finishing 5 decoding chiper and use the gate to run away.

The game is free to play, and you will be able to download it on Android and iOS for free1

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