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In the next patch updates, Mobile Legends is going to increase the max cooldown from 40 to 45%. Previously, if you are using a cooldown reduction item, there is a limit of 40% where you won’t be able to reduce the cooldown of your skill more. However, with the new Enchanted Talisman effect, Players will be able to increase the max CD reduction to 45%

In the video above, Hororo chan is using the new Enchanted Talisman effect to increase the effect of all of Diggie Skills. As you know, Diggie bomb has a stack effect, that could be used as long as the stack is up. Players can usually put a limited amount of bomb because of this and the low cooldown reduction makes it hard to get pass 5 bomb. However, with this new CD reduction effect, Diggie is able to up the stack into 2/3 more depending on your timing.

This is huge, since diggie himself is an annoying hero that could bomb their way in the early game, and with this effect, Diggie is going to be more and more annoying to deal with in the next match. Players can also use this effect with angela stacks, reducing mage cooldown skill, and many more.

This open up a whole new possibility of combo that can’t be used, and mage type tanker might want to use this solely to be able to use their abilities much faster.

Mobile Legends is a free to play android and iOS games!

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