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Identity V is one of the best mobile horror survival game currently. The game that are made by NetEase, inspired by Dead by Daylight is still being updated til now, and the game had millions of players that had download the game until now. Recently the game had a collaboration with Death Note, and in the next few updates, there are going to be new survivor called ToyMaker.

Toymaker Skill:

– External Trait 1: Exquisite toys The Toy Merchant carries with her a toy-box containing 2 catapults and 1 airplane.
– Catapult: Annie can place a catapult at the desired point on the map, and the Survivors can use it to throw themselves a certain distance forward. Only the Toy Merchant is familiar with the design of the catapult, and only she can reinstall the ejection unit placed on the map. Due to its fragile structure, the Hunter can destroy the installed catapult.
– Wooden airplane: While in the air, the Toy Merchant can spread its wings and gliding. When gliding, the speed of movement will increase. Press the skill button again to fold the wings and complete the gliding above the map.
– External Trait 2: Soothing Things Annie doesn’t feel safe because of her past, and only a heavy toy box can make her feel at ease. The Toy Merchant can pick up the items that are on the map and put them in the toy box. Except for 2 catapults and 1 wooden airplane. The toy box can hold up to 3 items. Annie treasures toys very much and cannot use the selected items from the toy box. But she is happy to share the joy of playing with toys with her teammates. She can pull an item from the toy box and drop it next to another Survivor.
– External Trait 3: Looking into the distance The Toy Merchant can receive information about the location of the Survivors in a certain range. Using a wooden airplane to float in the air, Annie can obtain information about the location of the Survivors throughout the map from a great height.
– External Trait 4: Crazy Gathering Annie is incredibly passionate about toys, and her chest opening speed has been increased by 100%.

Toymaker has the ability to jump, and fly when using the catalpult and Wooden Airplane. Annie is able to make a Catalpult that can be used to throw the survivor forward to a certain distance, this device is very useful in an open space map like the Moonlit River, Not only that, players will be able to use Annie torun away by using a wooden Airplanes.

Annie is the perfect looper depending on how the players use her, and she can help the other teams, and see their location when flying.

Identity V is free to play horror survival game on Android and iOS!

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