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Mobile Legends, one of the most popular mobile MOBA games on both android and iOS has always been releasing bunch of different contents for their players. These contents include things like hero and their exclusive skins that players will need to buy by using a premium currency called diamonds.

Each skin has their own tag, and the most impressive skins of Mobile Legends is called the Legends skins. This type of skins will not only change Mobile Legends hero animation, but also their skill effect making them look more OP and interesting to play with. It is also very expensive to buy the skins.

Recently Moonton, the developers decides to release a new Legends skin for their most popular Marksman, Granger called Starfall Knight. This skins cost a bit much rather than the usual 10$ skins of Mobile Legends, and a players decides to buy and spent around 12.312 Diamonds to buy the granger legends skins.

12.312 Diamonds cost approximately around $200 as you can see in the video Above. The skins looks pretty cool with a new animation and background, not only that, his skill effect is going to have a futuristic feel to it, and the recall animation looks pretty cool.

For those that are interested in buying it, then you can spent around the same amount of diamonds. Granger skins Starfall Knight is one of the newest Legends skin in Mobile Legends that you can obtained by using the encore event.

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