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Mobile gaming industries is developing more and more, and there are some new competitors in the industries. Previously known as a social media developers, ByteDance, had made another company called Nuverse that is going to released and published a new One Piece Mobile Games called One Piece Fighting Path.

The game is developed by CMGE, but it will be released by Nuverse the child company of ByteDance. As you can see in the little gameplay video above, Players will be able to play as Monkey the Luffy and follow their journey as the Pirate King in One Piece Universe. Players will be able to use the character in the game, follow the original stories, and play with bunch of their different skill sets that are going to be so OP and awesome in the game.

If you are a fans of One Piece like i am, Then you will be able to relate with Luffy finding their teammates in East Blue, Following Nami, Helping Zoro, Saving Ussop Village, Meeting Sanji in His Restaurant and many more.

The gameplay is very fun too, it is an ARPG Games that are a little bit similar to musou gameplay. But the best thing about this is game is the non auto gameplay where your skills and time will be the main factor of winning the game. Regardless this game is still on beta, and players might need to wait for the global released.

So stay tune on Roonby, because we will give you more information on the gme soon!

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