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On their newest patch in Advance server, Mobile Legends had changes some thing in their game, this includes some buff and nerf for their heroes, and the newest Alpha revamp that are in the test now. The hero is so OP now that it is not even funny.

This new Alpha revamp had 2 changes that are highlighted in Hororo chan newest video. One is the passive abilities that will activated when Alpha hit an enemy heroes with 2 skills that deals damage to his enemies by using BETA. The third and last attack is going to be AOE true damage that are going to deal massive damage to his enemies. Not only that, His ultimate will now knock back his enemies that stands in his path and knock them up, similar to Tigreal but with more damage.

This will ensure massive damage to the enemies, and with the changes of his ultimate, Alpha is going to be a monster. His ultimate cooldown is not only fast, but also usable whenever you need him. Previously, Alpha is already a good hero, his ability to deal and heal damage taken is very useful in making him not only tanky but also very deadly fighter in the early game. With the added stun, and AOE damage, he is going to be a monster.

If you are interested in this update revamp, the new revamped Alpha is in the work and players that had access to Advance server can play him right now!

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