Molina, one of the most annoying skills in Mobile Legends recently got its massive nerfs. Moonton finally said that it is enough, and try to take away the power of Nana second skill into something that are not as useful as any other skill in Mobile Legends. Now, we can be happy, because we won’t need to worry about the rage of Molina, the little toy.

In the video above, it can be seen that Molina is going to have a hard time in chasing down another players. The enemies has the abilities to run away from Molina without being touched once. Even if the enemies is only walking without any boosted skills in the game. Interestingly enough, when using hilda, you only need to use her first skill and you can run away from Molina without any problem.

Molina updates hasn’t been approved yet, but if this updates is live in the original server. There might be many people that are going to be using another support than Nana.

Mobile Legends is available for free on Android and iOS!

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