Each years, Mobile Legends had made an annual event called 515 Event. This event is going to release a new song, and there are going to be more and more interesting content like Skins, wallpaper, and cool rewards for those that play the game during this events. One of the most the most anticipated things are the music video that are going to be released on the game.

As you can see in the teaser video above, there are 3 heroes that are going to be included in the skins and music event. Selena with her amazing K-Pop Look, Chou with his sexy and hot Hip Hop dancer Vibe, and lastly Broddy with his cool and sleek DJ looks. 3 of These amazing hero will sing in Mobile Legends 515 event next.

The new song is called Together, and is going to be the newest addition apart from the other songs on Mobile Legends. This song is unlike any other song from Mobile Legends previously, it didn’t have that catchy tune to it, and personally I love bang bang more.

For those that are interested in the events, players will be able to play Mobile Legends developed by Moonton on Android and iOS for free!

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