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Phoevus, a new hero in Mobile Legends, was recently released. This new fighter has the ability to counter most heroes in the game, and despite his difficulty to use, he is one of the highly rated fighters. As a result, today we will give you some of the best item builds that we have discovered to be simple to use so that you can easily play him in Mobile Legends.

Phoevus Mobile Legends Item Build

How to use Phoevus with this items:

Phoevus is one of the mid – late games heroes who can deal massive damage while surviving. He is very good at chasing down his enemies, and his mobility, while only skill-based, is quite good in any situation. To deal damage, try to spam your second and first skills while keeping your distance from your enemies.

When offlaning, look for ganking opportunities in the top or bottom depending on your opponents, and try to ask for assistance whenever possible. In the early game, his shield is very tanky, and he can gank any ganker in the game, including Gussion, Karina, Hayabusa, and many others. Try to get Ice Queen wand first before any other items, this will help you ensure the kill by slowing down the enemies with your skills and so that your ultimate will hit whenever you want to. Phoevus has a good ability, but if you can’t hit it, you won’t be able to deal any damage, and your shield won’t generate.

Glowing Wand is both defensive and damage dealing item that Phoevus can utilize in the game. It is very good so buy those as soon as you get Ice queen wand. You can start ganking when your boots is ready after building Glowing Wand. In the early phase, if you can’t kill then please don’t play aggresively because much like any other offlaner heroes, he is money dependent, and if you die, it will be hard for you to come back from it.

Is Phoevus Good?

Yes and No, because Phoevus is a counter pick heroes that mainly shine when the enemies uses heroes that have blink skills. Heroes like Harith, Gussion, and Karina will have a hard time with him, but if they uses hero like Layla or Lesley that don’t have any charge or blink skill, he will be harder to uses.

What trick should i notice?

Only one, Blink spell and his second skill can also activate his ultimate skills.

Note: If you have any other tips, feel free to share

There you have it, a simple build guide and some tips for playing Phoevus. We will continue to update this build and suit it based on how we play him in the future. So take a look!

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