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Mobile Legends has just released their next hero update. After successfully releasing Bane Revamp on the Mobile Legends Original server, Moonton decides to revamp Sun, the most unpopular hero in Mobile Legends since its introduction.

Sun isn’t a problem by himself, but he lacks the ability to fight in the current META, which makes him underwhelming for some players. Not only that but there are numerous requirements for using his abilities and increasing his damage, such as hitting the enemies with his first skill to use his clone, among others.

This update, on the other hand, will reduce the requirement for him to activate his abilities while also adding new abilities to fool the enemies’ heroes. You will no longer need to hit the enemies with your first skill to activate the clone, and players will be given a skill that will instantly teleport you to the location of your choice to either run away or chase other players.

Not only that but with one more clone, his ability to deal damage will improve significantly. This means that passive items like Demon Hunter Swords or Dominance Ice will irritate him greatly. But what are your thoughts on this revamp buff? Will he dominate Mobile Legends much like Early Alpha revamp?

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