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Mino, or Minotaur, is one of the most interesting tanks in Mobile Legends. The little bull has the ability to rage and then unleash a massive earthquake, and he can also tank most basic attack damage. Mino, on the other hand, is not widely used because he is conditional. Players who can’t manage his abilities in the game will have a difficult time using him and will believe he isn’t a tank as a result.

Thankfully, it has been stated in recent patch note updates that Mobile Legends will revamp him, and the first thing that they will revamp is his skill effect.

The updated effect is quite nice, and it is stated in the video above that Mobile Legends Project NEXT Part 2 will be available soon in the game. This will coincide with the revamp of Alpha, Sun, and, finally, Minotaur in the game. Of course, this is very interesting, because alpha and sun have been so op since the updates, and the majority of their skills have been able to play successfully in the current META.

However, do note that we haven’t found out when the Mobile Legends Project NEXT is going to be released on the game, and players might still need to wait a few months before getting the Alpha revamp, Sun revamp, and Minotaur revamp in the Original Server.

Mobile Legends is a free-to-play MOBA game on Android and iOS!

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