Ragnarok Mobile Eternal Love is a popular free-to-play mobile MMORPG game. There are a lot of people who have played the game, and the developers appear to be aware of this because they are constantly creating new content for their players.

Interestingly, in the upcoming updates, the devs will add a new job called Gunslinger, which is probably one of the most anticipated jobs in the series, and today we will give you some skill leaks on the job.

Note: This leaks comes from one of the best Ragnarok Mobile Eternal Love leakers called Miss Blueberies. So please watch and like her videos to support her

Skill Leak:

Revolver Skill

Rapid Shower [Cost 1 Bullet]

Deal 1120% P Damage to Single Target and Cause AOE Damage.
Range 5M, CD 1s, Delay 1s

Piercing Shot [Cost 1 Bullet]

Deal 1200% P Damage to single target, 30% Chance to cause bleeding.
Range 8M, Cast 3s, CD 1s, Delay 1s

Cross Fire [Cost 3 Bullets]

Leading Skill, Deal AOE Damage infront you every 0.5s, Cause PATK 630%+Agi/30 last 3s.
Range 5M, CD 2s Delay 1s

Desperado [Cost 3 Bullets]

Deal AOE Damage surround the players, Cause PATK 1500%+Agi/30, last 3s
Range 5m, CD 1.5s, Delay 1s

Rifle Skill

Blind Shot [Cost 1 Bullet]

Deal 1340% PDamage to single target, skill hit rate -5%
Range 7M CD 1s Delay 1s

Precision Shoot [Cost 1 Bullet]

Deal 2400% PDamage to single target after short charge
This attack ignores Light Shield, Auto Guard, Sword Parry and ETC
Range 7M, CD 1s, Delay 1s

Support Skill

Fallen Angel

Leap in front 9M, can be double cast if tap quickly
Range 9M CD 12s

Warning Shot [Cost 1 Bullet]

Inflict fear to target surounding players within 4M at 100% Chance, also reduce their PDEF by 50% last 8s
Range 1M, CD 15s, Delay1.5s

Grenade Skill

Fragmentation Grenade

Deal (MATK+Dex*50) *600% Neutral AOE M Damage to the targeted Area within 3M
Range 7M, CD 1.5s, Delay 1s

Smoke Grenade

Hiding for 5s, This hiding cannot be detected by True Sight
But Caster Can’t attack as well
Range 7M, CD 20s, Delay 1s

Flash Grenade

Throw to the targeted area and cause blind within 4M
Blinded target PATK had 80% Chance miss last 8s
Also has 50% Chance to cause extra stun last 3s
Range 7M, CD 21s, Delay 2s]

Utility Skill

Double Sided Coin 

Toss Coin if Head Luk +30 MATK +20%, If tail Agi +30 Movespeed 20% last 120s Cannot be removed
Cast Time 2s, CD 60s, Delay 1.5s

Bulletproof Armor

After the successful cast, Ranged Damage reduction +23% but move speed decreased by 30% last 12s
Cast time 5s, CD 5s. Delay 1.5s

Taking Cover

After Cast you will hide while near the wall, Last 30s
Skill CD 45s, Delay 1s

Crimson Marker

Mark a target, you can see his location on the mini map and easily target with a special icon, target move decreased by 50% cannot hide, last 30s, only 1 mark can exist at a time
Range 8M, CD 10s, Delay 1s


Extended Magazine [Passive]

Max Bullet capacity Revolver +5 Rifle +3

Alert [Passive]

While Reloading Bullet, Damage received reduce by 30%, After finish reload recovery max hp 10%

Grenade Launcher [Passive]

Reduce Smoke Grenade, and Flash Grenade CD by 5s
And Increase their Cast Range by 5M

Rifling Customize [Passive]

Rifle Skill and Auto attack Range +3M

Magic Bullet [Passive]

MATK +10%, When Equip Rifle using Rifle Skill will deal extra MATK 50% Pdamage affected by target PDEF.

Gun Mastery [Passive]

When Equipped Gun, PATK +80, Hit +60, PDMG +10%

In The Groove [Passive, Revolver]

When Equip Revolver, Attacking Target will cause its flee to reduce 25
PDEF reduce 200, last 10s, max stack 10

There you have it, the gunslinger skill that can annihilate your foes. What are your thoughts on the new skill leaks? Do you think Gunslinger is a DPS who focuses on mobbing or PVP? Depending on the build and weapon, I believe this is a versatile job that can excel in both.

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