Mobile Legends is going through some changes. It’s not even funny how many things are changing in the game. The item update that will destroy the Mage META in the game is one of the major changes that will affect the game!

Mobile Legends’ NEXT update will include a new item called Radiant Armor. Radiant Armor is a new Mobile Legends Magic Resistance item that grants its wearer 3-10 Magic Defense whenever they are hit with Magic damage. This means that mage with poke damage, such as Harith, Change, and even Esmeralda, will struggle.

The video above shows how powerful Radiant Armor is against a Mage hero like Chang’e. Chang’e has a difficult time killing Layla with the damage that she is known for when she doesn’t have any equipment and is level 1.

Furthermore, Baxia, who has the ability to gain damage reduction, has the ability to reduce most Chang’e damage to 1 damage per star hit with a full build.

Radiant Armor costs only 1980 gold per item, which isn’t bad considering Athena Shield costs much more and is one of the most important items to have when dealing with magic damage dealers. Not only that, but Radiant Armor has a total of 125 Magic Defense, which is enormous when compared to Athena Shield, which only has 60 Magic Defense per item.

I don’t know what will destroy the Mage META and the Mage assassins META in Mobile Legends if this doesn’t.

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