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Jawhead is getting a new Mobile Legends starlight skin by Moonton. Each month, Mobile Legends will be releasing a new monthly skin called Starlight with various rewards, and the next month which is June 2021 Mobile Legends starlight skins will be released for Jawhead called “Candy Bear”

Candy Bear will give most of Jawhead’s skill effects a cute and colorful makeover. When using his ultimate charge, players will be able to shoot out little hearts as its first skill, and run with a rainbow trail behind them. Not only will Jawhead look cuter, but its rider Ellie will also see some changes. Ellie has lovely blonde hair that matches her pajamas.

Although Jawhead looks adorable in this game, he is still that annoying one-hit throwing monster that everyone despises, including their own teammates, because the majority of Jawhead users are trolls.

If you want to purchase Jawhead Candy Bear Skins, they will be available in the Starlight Battle Pass when it is released in June 2021!

Mobile Legends is a free MOBA game available on Android and iOS!

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