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Moonton recently release a new survey to one of the famous Mobile Legends Youtuber called Hororo Chan. In the survey, it is said that they are looking for a thing on Kimmy regarding her performance in the game. Of course this shocks a lot of people including Hororo in one of her video.

Kimmy, in terms of versatility, is one of the most versatile heroes in Mobile Legends. Kimmy’s unique weapon can be built in a variety of ways. After all, Kimmy is the only hero in the game with the fastest attack speed. Not only that, but depending on her enemies in the game, players can build her as a Magic Damager, Physical Damager, or even a Hybrid.

That is why it is surprising that Moonton has the audacity to survey this revamp. Of course, some balancing may be required, such as increasing her energy recovery or decreasing her energy consumption, for this hero to shine once more. However, as a Mobile Legends player, I believe Kimmy is already well-balanced.

Anyway, what do you think about kimmy revamp? Do you agree with our statement, or do you want Kimmy Revamp to happen?

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