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If you are looking for a good game to play in 2021, then we suggest you check out a game called Boom Slinger. It is a free to play mobile competitive game with a battle of strategy and luck with a cute little character to be use in a match.

Boom Slingers is a new explosive turn-based action game! Battle with other Slingers. Collect weapons, characters and emotes. Fight your way up the seasonal leaderboards. Unlock and upgrade over 40 different weapons and over 50 different Slingers. Battle in quick-to-play 1v1 battles in maps that change daily and participate in weekend events every weekend. Collect weapons, characters, gems and coins from the Boom Pass which changes every month!

The game is not only fun but also very cute to look at. There are many cute character to choose with tons of different weapon to utilize in the game. Of course regardless of the weapon, how you combine and strategize it to kill the other cute character will determine how you win the game.

Boom Slinger is very fun to play, and it is free, so if you are interested in finding a new cute game, check it out!

iOS:t. ly/9uq0

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