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Moonton is said to be updating and revamping some of the old heroes in Mobile Legends as part of Project NEXT 2.0. Sun, Alpha, Karina, and Mino, who are said to be having difficulty fighting in the current META, are expected to be released soon in the Mobile Legends Original server.

The revamp will benefit Alpha and Karina the most, increasing their overall damage and in-game fighting ability to deal with the current Dash META full of buttery smooth hero who can run away from you using a combination of skill and spells. While Minotaur and Sun will receive adjustments that will allow them to use their skills more effectively in the game while using a variety of new items that will be added to the game.

The revamp is, of course, overall very good, and depending on how you use them, they will be extremely annoying to deal with, especially Sun, who now has the ability to trick his enemies by combining his first and ultimate skill.

For those wondering when this revamp will come to the original server, it has been revealed by a number of different leakers that Mobile Legends will be undergoing massive updates on June 15, 2021. Not only will there be a slew of new heroes, but there will also be changes to the game, such as the jungle and roaming boots, new items, and, of course, a new battle emote that can taunt your enemies!

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