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Mobile Legends recently released their latest patch updates, and while not many things have changed, there are still some new adjustments that may break the game or make items that were previously not that good become so overpowered. Take, for example, Twilight armor.

Twilight armor is one of the less-than-ideal armor options in Mobile Legends, as it only reduces the effect of one-time hit damage. That means it will only work for heroes with burst damage, and it will only activate when hit by Physical Damage. This means that heroes with high DPS will not work, but heroes with high burst damage will.

But on the patch update, Moonton will reduce the threshold of the item from 900 to 600. 300 damage overall, which makes a huge differents for tank and fighter that want to use this item.

This means that a damage that should physically kill you at one time, will be able to be reduced to a whooping 600 damage overall. While you guys might not think much of it. a Whooping 300 damage is huge considering a Marksman only have 2500 health in the early game, and late game marksman can deal 2500 damage when built well.

So in the next update we might see more users playing with Twilight Armor!

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