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There are good news for those that are currently trying to play or main Aldous the one punch fighter. You can finally get this heroes skin for free by spinning the lucky spin.

Of course the skin that is given by Moonton is only the normal skin where players won’t be able to see that much differents except for the color scheme change on Aldous.

Aldous is one of the most OP fighter in the late game that fight by collecting stacks in the game. He has the ability to one hit any DPS in the game, and His main ability is his first skills that are able to deal massive damage based on his stacks.  Because of that he has the ability to change his equipment as a tanker in the late game, and not only hit hard but also be very tanky in the late game.

Aldous is probably one of the most useful fighter in the game, but he is a little bit hard to play since you will need a lot of practice on when and where to fight. Regardless, if you want to try and master him, a new skins might make you more motivated!

Mobile Legends is a free-to-play MOBA game on android and iOS. Players will be sent to the land of dawn in a match of 5v5 to battle against one another to destroy their base. Players will be able to select more than 100 new heroes to battle against one another with different skills and strategies. Those that have the skill will win the game!

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