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Square Enix recently announced that Trials of Mana will be released on iOS and Android on July 15th. Trials of Mana is a well-known JRPG game from 1995, and the remake version is now available on PC, PS4, and Nintendo Switch. The latter version is expected to be released soon for both Android and iOS.

Trials of Mana is an RPG in which you play as a hero attempting to save the Mana Tree. This is an earlier version of the Mana series created by the Final Fantasy universe. To distinguish between the two, the Mana series employs a real-time action RPG, whereas Final Fantasy employs a turn-based system in the game.

Of course, the mobile version will have a few tweaks to make it easier to play, such as improved controls and an auto feature to assist you in hunting the monster. Those interested in Trials of Mana will be able to purchase it on iOS and Android on July 15th for $23.99, while the PC and Console versions will cost $50 USD.

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