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Mobile Legends recently release Natan in Original Server, and many players had been wondering when Moonton is going to release their next support hero since most support in this game is not that good. Take Faramis for example, that is used usually for meme build, Matilda as Assassins and Burst damage dealer, to even Angela and Estes that are better now because of the support boots but still pale in comparison with other heroes. Which is why There are many people waiting for the new support that might have the potential to be the META Pick like Diggie previously. Thankfully, it is not long, because Moonton is going to release a new support hero in the game called Floryn.

Floryn, formerly known as Chloe, is a support hero who will be joining the Mobile Legends Advance server soon. Mostly because her artwork has been created and is being leaked by a slew of different leakers online. Unfortunately, we didn’t have any information about her ability as a support, but we did have some information about her codename and what her quote is. She was previously known as “The Budding Hope,” which may or may not allude to her abilities as support that buffs or weakens enemies’ stats to aid her allies, and her quote is “A kind-hearted girl determined to spread greenery throughout the world.”

Do note that this information is still a rumor, and there might be some changes to her role in the release because it is not confirmed yet officially by Moonton themselves as their developers. But what do you think about her? She is pretty, but can her skill match her beauty? We will see in the next few weeks.

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