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Each month, many games are tested and developed, and here are some of the best that you should check out! If you’re looking for the best game in August 2021, you’re in luck because we’ve compiled a list of the best Android Mobile Games in August 2021!

1. Wild Born

If you love Monster hunter game, then you should definitely check out this game. Where players in the future will suffer from environmental pollution and lost their resource. They went to a planet called trus full with tons of different monster and you will need to use a mysterious resource called Arethstone that will boost your fight with giants monster. The hunting starts from the moment you born in Trus.


2. Contra Returns

Classic arcade game that are practically remastered version with tons of feature added to it. The game is still the same, fight in the battle of the world, use your guns, and relive your dying mercenary in this new mobile game.


3. Ace Force

Practically a mobile game for overwatch fans, where players will fight with one another in a battle of heroes. There are many heroes tons of skills in the game. Players will need to fight with their favorite heroes with amny modes to be the best. There are Barking royale, Team Death Match, King of Hill, Invasion and many more. For those that loves Overwatch, you should definitely check the game.


4. NieR Re[in]carnation

Idle strategy RPG game in the NieR series with more story to play. NieR is probably one of the most iconic game in 2021 since there has been a game that are released on PC being release this years. This game however tell another story about a girl awakens in a cold stone floor, trying to reclaim what she lost and atone her sins, she sets off on a journey to the place of unknown creation. The game is fun, with strategic gameplay much like any other Squareenix RPG Mobile Game.


5. Hitman Online

Sniper shooting game, where players will need to hide in the shadows while taking down bunch of differents target which is enemies in real time play. Players will need to use its eye, fighting the game in the world to take down the best of the best. There are many agents that you can choose from with different weapon, choose what you want and deal with the enemies.


6. MARVEL Future Revolution

Newest Open World Action RPG games in the marvel universe. The game is set to be released on 25th August, and is one of the most anticipated mobile game currently. The game has many quest that you can explore, and you should definitely pre-register it now. Enjoy on a new storylines and missions in the fight against the convergence to save the earth.


7. Arena Tactics

For those that loves PVP games, then you will most definitely like this game. The game is a real time fast pace startegy game where you will need to control each champion with their own unique abilities to deal with other players. The game is fun, challenging and of course very interesting to play. Easy to play, hard to master.


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