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Ragnarok X Next Generation is probably one of the best MMORPG Games currently. Mainly because of the nostalgic feels that the game gives us, and because of that, today we will give you guys some tips on how to make more Crystal in the game especially for the beginner that wanted to start playing. Here are the tips

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Crystal Making Tips to Earn premium money

One of the sure ways to earn crystal in this game is by exchanging or buying it with real money, however, because we are freemium players, buying things with our own pocket is not suitable for us, since it is very costly. Here, are some of the tips for you to earn more money. This tip is used by using the exchange to sell equipment upgrades or materials in the game.

1. Exchange > Items > Upgrade equipment

Personally in my server, the price of each item fluctuates differently, take a second and look at your exchange in your server, go to the Upgrade equipment tab as of above, and see the price of each item. as of the image above, the smelting materials for Phracon, Cranium, and Bascyx are the same, however, the price of Carnium is more expensive than the 3 which makes it more expensive to sell. Get the materials that are needed for it and then sell them.

2. Buy the materials that you don’t have, craft and then sell it

As you can see above, I had gotten around 154 Upgrading materials that I can craft cranium with, but I don’t have any turquoise to make it. So I went to the exchange centre to buy it.

With the price of 853 per turquoise, I can obtain around 15 that are needed to craft my 15 Carnium in the game with 12795 crystals.

Craft the items and sell them on the exchange, as you can see above 15 Carnium is worth around 32100 Crystal, giving me profit for about 19000 more or less crystal for me to work with.

Note: If you don’t have enough crystals, buy only 1 and wait for it to be sold. 1 turquoise cost around 853, and 1 Carnium cost around 2140 which means you still got profit, albeit at a slow pace. Keep going until you get more crystal to rotate your crystal. Plus you will also need to check the tax, if you are above 1 mil crystal profit, your tax will cost around 20%

3. Fishing is better than mining

For those that are using Mining for getting more money, you should definitely change your approach. Simply because it is not very effective to earn more crystals by using mining rather than fishing. Here is why, When mining a vein, there is 1/how many chances that you will get the item that you want, this makes it harder to collect the resource that you need to make some materials that you can make in the smelting option in the game, which is harder for you to estimate your profit in the game. Not only that, Mining materials usually requires more than fishing, which makes it harder to get even 1 smelting item to sell for. This is why it is better to buy bait and fish to get a 70% chance on fish that you can smelt and then use to increase your worth.

4. Give up on gathering if you don’t have time

The extra stamina that you use on gathering could be used for smelting and fishing instead. I don’t know what the Ragnarok X Next-generation developer will do in the next patch updates, but the gathering is really hard to do currently. The stamina cost is very high on precious materials such as shattering shroom, and gathering must always be paid attention to because of the “Math Question” game that you had to use which makes it harder to obtain than fishing, however, each fishing materials cost more or less the same as gathering items, and it is easier to do if you use the Automatic fishing line.

5. Carnival for beginner

One of the surest ways to get easy crystal is by doing the carnival quest. Each day player will net around 1500 crystals to let you rotate the money. Help yourself in the early game, and collect it one by one before using trade to increase your crystal in the game.

How to Play Ragnarok X Next Generation on PC

There are many ways to play Ragnarok X Next Generation on PC, but our most lightweight emulator is the LD player. LD player is probably one of the best. I used other emulators like Nox and Bluestack but deemed that Ragnarok X Next Generation is pretty stable in LDPlayers. The minimize function added to the emulator lets you see what you need while doing some other stuff AFKing. LDPlayer also had a built-in Ragnarok X Next Generation hotkey that let you easily navigate in the game. Not only that the macro function will also help you in some tasks like Gathering and hunting.

Download: Ragnarok X Next Generation (LDPlayers)

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