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Ragnarok X Next Generation is probably one of the most interesting I have played. Not only because of the sense of nostalgia but also because of the rich content. The game is so much fun for me to play, that it made me lost countless hours in the game because of it. I have been playing it in my little emulator while writing this article, and I wish to share some of the things that I know before starting Ragnarok X Next generation!

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1. Kingdom Pass Should Never be Bought by your Real Money!

Kingdom Pass is one of the features in Ragnarok X, that you can buy with your real money. This feature gives you many items, with tons of Odin blessings for you to run and farm. This will help you play the game much more easily and stylishly with many different costumes to get.  Now, you can also buy this Kingdom Pass with your Diamonds, and as you know, you can buy Diamonds with crystals. So farm Crystal now and buy it without using your real-life money!

2. The Daily Quest of Kingdom Pass can be refresh!

Following the previous list, to get the rewards, you will need to finish up a bunch of different quests in the Kingdom Past Quest List. The daily EXP that you can get is not 80, but approximately 240 EXP per day. This means that each day you should have at least level up your Kingdom Pass by 2 levels. After you finish up the list, you could immediately Refresh your kingdom quest, and then do that again and again to gain more exp. There are so many things that you can do in the game, and this is one of them.

3. Be Frugal When Doing COC Quest

When doing a COC Quest, there are times when you will be using your money to get some of the items. The Items is usually bought at the store, but it will cost you zeny, so the things that you could do is to use an item called Shop Finder and use it to find a merchant that sells those items. This will help the economy in the game while reducing the cost of COC Quest. As you can see above, Skell Bone that normally cost more, now cost 240 in the Material shop.

4. Focus on Upgrading than Refining

I don’t know if this is my problem only, or other people problem also, but I have a really hard time upgrading the +2 of my Item to +3. It has cost around 150k diamonds per item to buy the oridecon or elunium to get it to +3. It is not worth it especially in the early game, try to just upgrade your item to +60 to unlock the Awakening upgrade to get +10% effects. This will help you more in the long run, and you could always dismantle it albeit the inefficiency, rather than throwing money for the stupid RNG.

5. Exchange should always be used

You should always use the exchange function in the game. This function lets you get the premium in-game currency called Crystals, that could be used to buy a bunch of different item like cards, Equipment, and of course, materials to play the game. Not only that you could also buy some diamonds that will let you buy other premium equipment cards and many more!

How to Play Ragnarok X Next Generation on PC

There are many ways to play Ragnarok X Next Generation on PC, but our most lightweight emulator is the LD player. LD player is probably one of the best. I used other emulators like Nox and Bluestack but deemed that Ragnarok X Next Generation is pretty stable in LDPlayers. The minimize function added to the emulator lets you see what you need while doing some other stuff AFKing. LDPlayer also had a built-in Ragnarok X Next Generation hotkey that let you easily navigate in the game. Not only that the macro function will also help you in some tasks like Gathering and hunting.

Download: Ragnarok X Next Generation (LDPlayers)

Those are some of the little things I wish I know when I played the game. Hopefully, this will help you in some way, thank you for reading, and have a nice day!

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