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Pokemon UNITE can finally be played on mobile platforms. However, the MOBA Pokemon is very different from the usual MOBA games. Not only the overall gameplay, the role selection itself is very different, which is why today we will give you some explanation on how to choose your Pokemon UNITE Role in the game, and the explanation for each role. Check out the article below!

Pokemon Unite Roles


Attacker is probably one of the most important roles in the game. They specialize in dealing damage, hence the title Attacker. The attacker however has low health to balance it all, which is why they need to figure out their position in the game. They are the glass cannon in the game and should be supported by either Defender, All-rounder, or Supporter in the game. Attacker Pokemon will have a red background on their character cards.


Defender is another role that is important aside from attacker. The Defender has a really important role which acts as a tank in front, taking damage away from your allies, while annoying them with tons of CC and damage. This role should defend the core of your teams hence the attackers in the game. However, if you deemed that your core is a meme, defends take the reign and ask the supporter to support you while you go in and kill the enemies. The defender should play aggressively, and be smart. Defender role will have a green background on their character cards


One of the most interesting roles to play in my opinion is Supporter. They can do so much in the game, from crowd control, stun, and even heals, but they are so hard to play because of that. Supporters will need to prioritise who to support in time. This means that they will need to constantly think about what is the best for the team and actively seeks others to supports them. The supporter will have an orange background on the character card


Speedster is a role with huge mobility, and they can immediately score and chase after the enemies. The character is best to reap and kill the other pokemon. However, the sad news is that they will have a bad defense, and low health, perfect for a roamer with the ability to go top and bot lane easily. This role will have a blue background on the character card.


All-rounder is probably one of the most balanced roles in the game. You will have an average attack, defense, health, and movement. However, they are just there for help to fill in the other roles, like jack of all trades and master of none. So this is more of a skill-based pokemon where you will need to use and utilized different skills to win the game. Pokemon with all-rounder type will have purple background on the character card.

Pokemon Unite Roles

Pokemon Unite Roles

Each role in the game will have its own advantages and disadvantages in the game. Aside from role advantages, there are also skill synergy, held items, and lastly team communication that determine the winner of the game. Do note that to win in Pokemon Unite, you will need to focus on the objective, not level and kills. We hope that with this little explanation, you will be able to reach master ranks soon in the game.

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Pokemon Unite is the newest MOBA Mobile game where you can play your favourite pokemon, use them in a battle of skills with 4 others teams against 5 other players in real-time. Not only that, players can choose their favourite Pokemon to use and evolve them making them more powerful with each evolution, and choosing their skill to combine with your allies. Damage is not all in this game, Sometimes the best damage is support, but in other times, Defense is also viable.

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