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Aside from One piece which recently release a game called Burning Blood, there are also Bleach which is going to release a new game called “Bleach Realm: Soul Slayer”. The new mobile game is set to be released on both android and iOS.

Bleach Realm: Soul Slayers, is a mobile Tactical RPG game, where players will be able to put a team of Bleach Characters to fight against their enemies. Each Character will of course have their own respective skills, for example, Ichigo with Getsuga Tensho, or Kuchiki Byakuya with Senbonzakura. Of course, the animation of each skill is awesome, and players that love the series will have an awesome time with how well the animation is. The gameplay is really simple, you only need to tap your character to use their skill when ready, and then upgrade their skills and level.

If you are interested in the game, here is how to download the game Bleach Realm: Soul Slayer

Download Bleach Realm: Soul Slayer on Android

  • Download Bleach Realm: Soul Slayer on TapTap. Note: You will need TapTap Application, download it here!
  • Install the APK
  • Don’t forget to turn on “Install from Unknown Sources” to install the game
  • Play and Enjoy the game!

Note: The game is still in pre-registration, but it will be released soon, so pre-register to be notified when it becomes available!

How to Play Bleach Realm: Soul Slayer on PC

Download BLEACH Realm: Soul Slayer

  • Download LDPlayers (One of the most lightweight Emulator on PC) and install it
  • Open LD Player and Take the APK That you have downloaded and drag it on to the Emulator
  • The Emulator will then prompt if you want to install the APK (Or You could download TapTap on the emulator and then download the game. Either way it is the same)
  • Wait for it to Install
  • Enjoy!

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