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October has finally come to Mobile Legends and there are many things that are going to come soon into the MOBA game. For example, it is said that Gusion will have a revamp soon by some of the leakers. But today we will not talk about that, but instead, we are going to give you some leaks on the skin content that is going to come soon in Mobile Legends. This includes the newest Legends skins that are going to be released for Valir the fire mage, Karina Revamped skins, and of course the newest Halloween Skins!

1. Starlight Skins Ruby – Pirate Parrot!

The starlight ruby skins called Pirate Parrot is coming to Mobile Legends as part of the Starlight Battle pass that you can buy in the store. The skins will comes to Mobile Legends on 1st October.

2. Collector Skins Harley – Dream Caster!

Harley Dream Caster skin is coming to Mobile Legends as part of collector skins. You will need to spin the events to get this skin and it might cost you lots of diamonds. But the skin itself is really cool and will change most of the design for Harley including his skill effects. Harley Dream Caster will come to Mobile Legends on 5th October.

3. Epic Skins Hylos – Iron Steed!

One of the most anticipated skins for Hylos, this OP tank will finally be able to dominate the fight in style. The robot style of the skin is going to make Hylos looks really cool. The skin is part of epic skin that can be bought in the store by using diamonds, so if you are Hylos main, save up your diamonds because he will come to Mobile Legends on 9th October.

4. Legends Skin Valir – Infernal Blaze!

One of the most awesome skins in a while by Moonton. This fiery hero will finally be able to call hellfire in a skin called Infernal blaze. The skin is going to change everything from design, skill effect, recall, to even icon much like any other Legends skin in Mobile Legends. It is said that this legends skin can be exchanged by using Magic Wheel stone, however, there might be more to it if the demand is high. Because we all know what Moonton will do to a popular hero like Valir. Infernal Blaze Valir will come to Mobile Legends on 16th October.

5. Zodiac Skins Helcurt – Scorpio!

Zodiac skins are ongoing Mobile Legends skins that come and go with each month. This time, October is the sign for Scorpio, and finally, Helcurt main will be able to play as their star sign. The skin will change many things including the overall animation of this little and OP hero. Helcurt Scorpio Skin will come on 23rd October.

6. Hero Aamon!

Not only awesome skins that are going to come to Mobile Legends, but there are also going to be a new hero that will come to Mobile Legends, and it is called Aamon. Aamon the master of dagger will come as the new assassin in the game. Aamon has almost all of the things that you want in an Overpowered assassin from mobility, invincibility, and damage, he has it all, and he will come soon to the land of dawn to his brother Gusion on 26th October.

7. Epic Skins Karina –  Doom Duelist (Revamp)!

The new Doom Duelist Karina skins will finally come to Mobile Legends. This old Epic skin is finally getting revamped for its effect that lacks design and effects by Moonton. The skin might be awesome, but sadly we can’t comment because there hasn’t been any new information except for the release date which is 26th October.

8. Hero Skins Lancelot!

The hero Lancelot skin is not so exclusive anymore, because it will come back again for those that are waiting to get a taste of Pow Pow. Lancelot Hero skin that will change almost all of his skin effects can be bought on 27th October!

Bonus: Special Skins Barats and Cyclops – Halloween Skin

There are going to be 2 new skins that will come on Halloween skins, sadly there is no information regarding the skin design currently. There are some leaks, but the official artwork hasn’t really been released yet, and there might be some changes next. We will keep you updated because we are hype to see 2 new Special skins for Barats and Cyclops for Halloween. Both of the skins are coming to Mobile Legends on 30th October!

There you have it some of the plans of content that will come soon to Mobile Legends in October. However, do note that the list above is still rumoured and there might be some changes that will come to the list above, so check out our list periodically because we will keep you updated!

How to Play Mobile Legends on PC or Laptop 2021!

By using Assassins Emblems that can be used to reduce Bane CD by 10%, Bane is able to spam his first skill by 1.6s, and when using the War Axe Stacks, the CD is lowered to 1.5s, This will help him spam his skill, making him more like a marksman that deals damage in the backline, rather than a Fighter that hits hards by using melee. Not only that, By using this build, his CD will be lowered to 18s, which makes his ultimate spam able in most cases.

What do you think about Bane Mobile Legends Build by Hororo Chan? Do you think they will popularize it in the game? Tell us your thoughts!

About Mobile Legends:

Mobile Legends is a free-to-play MOBA game on android and iOS. Players will be sent to the land of dawn in a match of 5v5 to battle against one another to destroy their base. Players will be able to select more than 100 new heroes to battle against one another with different skills and strategies. Those that have the skill will win the game!

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