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Spotify is one of the most popular streaming services in the world. The streaming service offers a collection of popular music nowadays, filled with tons of easy to access playlists online. But not all people has access to the internet all the time. This is why there are many people that are trying to download the Spotify playlist to play it offline. For those that are trying to download Spotify Playlist, here are a little application that you can use on your android to easily download your favourite Spotify playlist!

Download Spotify Playlist Downloader on Android

Spotiflyer is a very simple app that takes a Spotify playlist link and downloads them as mp3 files. This app technically gets results from Youtube Music and download them as mp3. The app can be used to download albums, tracks, playlists, and many more. Save your data by downloading the music on your phone without ads.

How to download the app:

  • Download the app on the link here “Github Spotiflyer” or You can download it here!
  • Don’t forget to thank the developer Kotlin.
  • Install the APK that you had downloaded
  • Don’t forget to check “Install from Unknown source”
  • Enjoy!

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